A Lone Trekker in Buhisan

Some of my friends asked me why I’ve been working out lately.  They wondered if I was trying to look good for someone.  Well, NO.  I workout so I can eat anything I want without getting fat (but in moderation, of course). Teehee.I used to go to the gym regularly but with my current job, I’d usually come home tired and would immediately go to sleep.

I was alarmed when I could no longer wear some of my clothes! I told myself that I need to get back in shape.

Instead of spending a lot of time and money at a gym, I found a great workout without spending a cent.

It started about two weeks ago.  My routine was to wake up early and go for a walk/run in Buhisan Road at 5:45 a.m.  After a week, I felt that I needed to go farther and I never went beyond Mary Help of Christians Parish.

Today, I took the courage to take my farthest walk/run.

Note: The photos are OOTCP (out of the camera phone).


This was the view as I went farther.  At around 6 a.m., the air was still cold.  It’s best to wear a jacket.



The mountain view was an eye candy.


I passed by a river. It was sad to see that it was no longer taken care of.



The road to Buhisan Dam. My legs hurt from walking here. I must be getting old.



The moss-covered road was very challenging to walk on. It was steep and slidey.



I finally made it to the entrance of Buhisan Dam/Watershed.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get in since I didn’t have a permit.  The person in charge was very friendly and told me that I could get a permit from the main office in City Hall without a fee. I was a senior high school student when I went there for the first time and it was for an educational tour.



This was the closest that I could get to the Dam.


Buhisan Dam zoomed in.

I went farther out of curiosity.  I thought that the Buhisan Dam/Watershed was already at the peak of the mountain but I was wrong.



There was this small road which lead to somewhere I didn’t dare go.  I call this “The Road to Heaven”. Cheesy. Harhar.



A welcome sign. This was placed in the wrong location because the welcome sign of Brgy. Toong is only a few steps away. This should have been “You are now leaving Brgy. Buhisan” ha ha ha



The road seemed endless and all I could see were trees.  I decided to stop since I started to get an eerie feeling.  It was time to go back.



Going up was strenuous but going down was one heck of a challenge!


On my way down.


The whole walk took me about an hour and 30 minutes.  It was a great experience to go trekking within Cebu City.  I’d definitely go back next week and try to reach the top of the mountain.P.S. To go to Buhisan, you can start walking or ride a Habal-habal/tricycle from Guadalupe-Osmeña Village in Punta Princesa.  If you get tired, you can always ride a Habal-habal on your way down. 🙂

Photos taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2


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