Love Letter


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I was cleaning my room when I found a copy of an old letter which I gave to someone who used to be very special.  I couldn’t believe how corny I was then.  Well, I think I still am though.

I started reading the 3-page letter and it was like a flashback of all the memories both good and bad.  On the third page, I wrote a poem.

Words are not enough to describe what I’m feeling,
my heart hurts from too much beating.
My thoughts of you resound in my head,
I can hardly breathe,
I think I’ll be dead.  

They say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder and look for another”  
I say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder and love even better”  

On and on I will say these words,
never will I get tired,
never will I complain.
You’ve given my heart a reason to beat and all because,
I’ve been wanting to say
I love you.

Reminiscing the past makes me laugh. Even reading this poem after so many years makes me laugh.

People have different ways of expressing how they feel.  Some through music. Some through flowers, gifts or painting.  I prefer letters and poetry.  I’m old school like that.


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