20 Going on 30

As I am about to hit the big 3-0 soon, I’ve had a lot of realizations and insights about life and love in general.  It’s interesting how a lot can change in a decade.  Since the past few days, I’ve been looking back at how I did in my early 20s until now.  (I hope this isn’t a premonition.  LOL)

The Early Twenties

Ah…fresh from college.  Those days when I was thinking big and being idealistic when all that mattered were my short-term goals and happiness.  I started to earn my own money, I bought whatever I wanted and travelled whenever I could.  I was careless and reckless.  I went through heartaches, thinking it was the end of the world.  The thought of getting married and having kids scared the hell out of me.  I didn’t want to go through what my parents went through. I didn’t want my child to go through what I went through.  I wanted to make the most out of my life so I wouldn’t regret anything when I reach my thirties.  I’ve learned that you’ll never be truly happy knowing that you’ve hurt someone.  I started to drift apart from my old friends who’d only reach out whenever they needed something and I realized who the real ones are.  I held grudges.  I was immature.

The Late Twenties

I started to work on my long-term goals. I met “The One“, the love of my life, the one I saw myself spending the rest of my life with.  My views on marriage and having kids started to change.  We made big plans for our future until a series of unfortunate events happened.  Life can give you a huge slap in the face and throw rocks when things are supposedly already doing well.  I learned to give up my own happiness for others.  I learned to forgive.  I opened myself to learning new things, things that I never thought I could do.  I joined triathlons and marathons when I hated running in the first place.   I was dependent on my significant other that I had to find myself again.  I learned that I should love myself first before I can love again.  

A new life awaits, another chapter begins.  Life can be full of surprises, a never-ending journey of knowing yourself.


2 thoughts on “20 Going on 30

  1. We will soon be hitting our 30’s. Hello November Babies.♥♥♥ I’m happy and thankful to have met you on our early 20’s hehehe. Thanks for the friendship Juwee.

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