Mantalongon-Osmeña Peak-Kawasan Falls

I’ve been hiking from Buhisan-Toong for weeks now.  Aires, one of my friends at work, also has a passion for the great outdoors.  We decided to take hiking to the next level and researched about Osmeña Peak, the highest point of elevation in Cebu.  We read some blogs about it and researched how much the whole trip would cost.  We finally set a date and invited our colleagues to join us.

While we were in the bus, Aires and I talked about visiting all the tourist spots in Cebu (and the Philippines) someday.  It’s embarrassing that I’m born and raised in Cebu but I haven’t been to all its beautiful places.

“That someday starts today.” she said.


Inside the bus.  We left Cebu South Bus Terminal at around 6 a.m.


We had breakfast at Maria’s Batchoy and Resturant in Dalaguete.


Their Special Batchoy was good but not the best I’ve tasted.


The road signs.  There were a lot of habal-habal drivers waiting in that area.


Riding a Habal-habal.


We had to stop for 30 minutes.  There was an ongoing road widening project a few meters away and they had to do something which wasn’t safe for the passers-by.


From the base to the top.  If you need a guide (I’m sure you will), just ask any of the residents nearby.


It was interesting to see A LOT of cabbages everywhere.  It was one of the residents’ main sources of livelihood.


Going up literally takes your breath away.  Hangak.


My shoes are going to retire soon. 😦


Trail of flowers


We made it to the top!  What I loved about it?  The air was cold and the view was viewtiful. 😀


We weren’t done yet!  We had to go back and take a 4-hour trek/hike to Kawasan Falls.





We passed by different kinds of vegetation.


 Hanging Sayote.


Harvested Sayote.


 Harvested Kalabasa.


Aires and the harvested Repollo.


More Repollo!


A vendor and his Pechay.


Oh Christmas Tree!  This type of tree was common in Mantalongon.  You’ll see it almost everywhere.  It would be nice to put Christmas lights on all of those that lined up on the streets.


It started to drizzle and we saw this small sari-sari store where we decided to stop by and take our lunch.


Lechon manok and puso.  The sari-sari store owner was very kind to lend us some of her plates.


Aires trying to shoot the ball.


 On our way to the forest.


Aside from vegetables, you’ll see a lot of goats too.  They can be annoyingly noisy.


There was a big Sayote here.  I wonder who stole errr took it.


Aires in Farmville. 😀


My first time to see an Onion plantation.


In the forest.  I highly suggest that you wear knee-high socks/leggings/stretchable pants.  The grass/plants are SO ITCHY! 😦


We stopped by for some fresh water.


It was hot and we were getting really tired.  Make sure you wear sunblock, bring a cap/hat and WATER.


They were actually walking down backwards.  Weak knees.  Haha!  Mga anak, bakit kayo naglalakad ng ganyan?  Arthritis na ba yan?  Paki explain.  Labyu.


Hooray!  We could already see Kawasan Falls (level 3)!  Even from afar, we could hear the sound of rushing water.  The trail was very slippery.


What’s wrong dear Aires? :p



Going down to level 2.


Level 1.

The whole hike/trek was about 7 hours (excluding the bus rides).  Some of you might say, “What?! 7 hours?  Are you kidding me?”  I’m not kidding. It was tiring and fun at the same time.  It was an experience to remind us not to do it again.  hahaha!

Till the next adventure! (Hopefully an easier trail which won’t require us to walk more than 2 hours.)

Here’s a breakdown of our expenses (per person):

Non-aircon bus:  Php 101

Terminal:  Cebu South Bus

Destination:  Cebu City to Dalaguete  (2 hours)

Habal-habal (Motorcycle) from the bus stop to Osmeña Peak (base):  Php 100

Note:  It’s a 30-minute ride.  If you decide to stop at the Mantalongon Market and just walk from there, it will cost Php 50.

Guide:  Php 100 (x 6 people = Php 600)

Note:  Our guide was only 12 years old and it was a challenge to keep up with his pace.  He’s a PRO! He initially asked for Php 700 but we offered Php 600 until he agreed.  It was a 7-hour hike/trek with breaks/lunch included.

Food:  Php 200-300

Note:  We bought lechon manok, puso (hanging rice), snacks, water and candies.

Non-aircon bus:  Php 125

Note:  Buses going back to Cebu City would stop right in front of the Kawasan Falls entrance.  It was a 3-hour ride.

P.S.  The photos were taken using a camera phone

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