Biking in Bohol

With my experience in Olango Island, I now see travelling in a whole new perspective.  As I go to different places with my bike, it gives me a sense of achievement that makes me want to go somewhere farther and out of my comfort zone.

My bike buddies and I talked about going to Bohol to see its countryside–the rivers, hills, rice fields and the beaches.  It didn’t take too long before we decided to push our plans through.

Fare and Fees

Oceanjet Promo:  Php 650 (Cebu – Tagbilaran and back)

Php 168 for the bike (one way)

Terminal fee:  Php 25 each per person and bike  = Php 50

Day 1

We met outside Terminal 1 at 5:30 a.m.  We chose the first trip at 6 a.m.  There were people who were fascinated to see us with our bikes and asked us where we were going.
Waiting for Gab.
The Port of Tagbilaran, Bohol.  Cebu City to Tagbilaran City – 2 hours.


20150428_085620King had a friend in Tagbilaran who invited us for brunch and we met her cousin who’s also into biking.  He wanted to join us and give us a tour around the city.  Originally, our plan was to go biking around Tagbilaran City first before heading straight to Panglao Island but the guys suddenly decided to go to Loboc.  They said it was just a few kilometers away and I had no idea how far it was.

The Tarsier Sanctuary.  We were hesitant to go inside since we didn’t want to pay the entrance fee. LOL
It was already very HOT!  The question we kept on asking was, “Are we there yet?”
Ice candy: to help us cool down.  Mango float flavor.  🙂
After four hours of biking uphill and downhill, we finally made it to Loboc River.  The last road going to Loboc was the best since we went downhill all the way. 🙂
The Loboc Church.  It was destroyed during the Earthquake in 2013.
Four hours of biking wasn’t easy and we were already VERY hungry.  We stopped by a local eatery across the Loboc Church.  Afterwards, we went to a cold spring.
We went swimming at the Loboc Cold Spring to relax.  It was for free.  No entrance fees.  🙂
Loboc River Cruise.

We wanted to continue biking back to Tagbilaran City (a loop) through the main highway but there was one of us who could no longer take it.  We rode a jeepney instead and placed our bikes on top.  Loboc to Tagbilaran City – 45 minutes.  Jeepney fare – around Php 40.

Back in Tagbilaran City.
From the Port of Tagbilaran – Loboc River.  Paused the tracker during major stops.  We also thought of going to the Chocolate Hills but it was another 30km+ from Loboc.  Maybe next time.

We continued to ride on our bikes to Panglao Island where we decided to stay overnight.  It also had a lot of uphills and downhills, never a boring ride.

Tagbilaran City – Panglao Bay Resort.

We arrived at Panglao Bay Resort at around 6:30 p.m.  We had rest and took a shower before going to the Alona Beach for dinner.  We rode a habal-habal (mototcycle) since it was quite far from our resort.  Honestly,  I didn’t feel like eating and I just wanted to sleep.  I was VERY tired.

Alona Beach at night.  I felt like I was in Boracay.

Day 2

The next day, I woke up seeing this.  A beautiful morning to go swimming!
We looked for something to eat but there were no eateries/restaurants nearby.  The resort where we stayed at had a kitchen but the guests had to cook their own meals.  Our boys went out to the market to buy food.  They also prepared our breakfast.  True gentlemen indeed.  🙂
Last photo before leaving the resort.  We only spent Php 2500 (Php 357 each) for a villa with two rooms.
Bohol Bee Farm. About 2-3 kilometers from Panglao Bay Resort.
Bohol Bee Farm employees checking our bikes.


Organic Ice Cream! This was what I was looking forward to eat!
The two best-sellers: Guyabano (left) and Malunggay (right). Both taste really good! Even the ice cream cone is organic.
Organic jams and breads.
A restaurant by the sea. Affordable food.

We didn’t stay in Bohol Bee Farm too long.  We then went to Hinagdanan Cave which was quite far from the farm (Unfortunately, I forgot to swtich my tracker on).  The sun was our only enemy but it didn’t stop us from moving on.  When we arrived at the Hinagdanan Cave, we just had fruit shakes and rest for a few minutes.  We didn’t go inside the cave.

Last stop in Panglao Island:  The Hinagdanan Cave.  We went back to Tagbilaran City and had lunch along the way.
Watching the sunset while we were inside the ferry back to Cebu.

We wanted to make our trip as affordable as possible but not too cheap.  With only Php 3,000, it was more than enough for the entire trip but our experience was priceless.

After two days of biking in Bohol, I’ve had several realizations. Life is like riding on a bike. You will go through uphills and downhills, never an easy ride all throughout. You will never succeed if you easily give up on challenges. No matter how hard the trail is or how the sun will scorch our bodies, there will be people who will push you and help you reach your destination.  Till the next ride!:-)

P.S. The photos were taken using a Samsung Galaxy S5.

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