Ride Round South Cebu

Photo credit:  Lee Stephen Thin

We recently unlocked another achievement by completing a 2-day ride which totaled around 300 kilometers. Cebu has one of the most challenging yet scenic routes and to ride round south without preparation and training is suicide.  It’s important to train your legs, lungs and your mind as you increase your mileage. “Harden the f*ck up.” – as what my coach would often say. Our group was a mix of newbies and seasoned cyclists.

We had a service vehicle with a bike rack, all our bags, tools, water and other stuff. It is important that it stays close to the cyclists in case of emergency.


  1. Bikes (tuned-up)
  2. Helmet
  3. Pump
  4. Interiors
  5. Hydration
  6. Food (I ate bread while cycling. Carbs = Energy)
  7. Gu Gels/Salt sticks
  8. Blinkers
  9. Money
  10. Phone (fully-charged)
  11. Garmin Watch/Speedometer (In order to survive the ride, we planned on maintaining 25-30kph only until unconsciously running 30-40kph. It was tempting to go really fast on the first 10-20 kilometers but remember there’s 160km more to go.   Speed check!)
  12. First Aid Kit
  13. Sunblock
Photo credit: https://hotels-in-cebu.com/beautiful-glimpses-of-cebu-south/

Day 1: 180km – 200km (Depends on your starting point from Cebu City)

Route: Cebu City – Talisay City – Minglanilla – Naga – San Fernando – Carcar City – Barili – Dumanjug – Ronda – Alcantara –  Moalboal – Badian – Alegria- Malabuyoc – Ginatilan – Samboan – Santander – Oslob – Boljoon

Tough/Long Climbs: Barili-Dumanjug; Alcantara-Moalboal; Santander-Oslob

The rest of the towns have rolling hills.

Photo credit:  Lee Stephen Thin
Photo credit:  Lee Stephen Thin



Day 2: 100km – 120km

Route: Boljoon – Alcoy – Dalaguete – Argao – Sibonga – Carcar City – San Fernando – Naga – Minglanilla – Talisay City – Cebu City

Short Climbs/Rolling Hills: Boljoon – Alcoy – Dalaguete


Waiting for our service vehicle. Photo credit:  Marson Torrejos


Unfortunately, we had a LOT of mishaps on day 1.

  • Flat tires.
  • In the south, the bus/motorcycle/tricycle/habal-habal drivers are CRAZY. They would drive too fast, counter flow and that’s what you have to watch out for! Our friend was hit in Carcar by a tricycle driver who just got his license. He had cuts, bruises and his shorts was ripped off.
  • Three of our friends were drafting in Ginatilan, maintaining more than 30kph when a cat suddenly crossed the road. The one who was leading suddenly had to stop/slow down and the second in line hit his bike and fell over. One had his rear derailleur broken and the other had a cut and bruise on his face.
  • In Samboan, I was riding in the middle of the pack while we were going down a steep hill with a blind curve until the one I was following suddenly slowed down in the middle of the road. A multicab was going uphill on the other side of the road.  Good thing I was able to slow down too but the one who was following me crashed on my bike and I fell over. I also had cuts and bruises. I was angry, tired, dizzy and in pain all over. It was one of the moments when I was thankful that I never went cheap-O when I bought my helmet. I could feel the strong impact when I hit my head on the ground and there wasn’t any dent or crack on my helmet. I left the pack and sped off since it was going to get dark soon and we were still 3 towns away. I also needed to cool my head.
  • I was already near Boljoon when I had to stop and wait for the rest. It was already getting dark and there were barely any street lights. We never expected to reach Boljoon at night due to the mishaps. I wished I never removed my blinkers. While cycling along the long dark road to Boljoon, looking for a place to stop over, there was a motorcycle/habal-habal driver who was following me and asked too many questions. He started to scare the hell out of me and I sped off. I was already tired and the wound on my knee was aching every time I pedaled but I still managed to go more than 40kph just to get the hell away from him. He was still following me and mocked my speed until I saw a bar and stopped. He asked why I had to stop and then he went. When he was no longer in the area, I continued with my ride and stopped by a sari-sari store which was well-lit. Lesson learned: never ride alone especially in an unfamiliar area. Don’t forget your blinkers!


Where we stayed the night:

Baluarte Granada in Boljoon

I would have loved to stay longer.   This place meets two of my dream houses – on top of the hill and by the sea.
Wake up to this everyday ❤

For bookings/reservation:

Karess – 0943-392-7999

The Ride Round South Cebu finishers.  We made it!

Finishing the second day wasn’t easy especially when we left Boljoon at 10 a.m. and it was already too hot.  Our legs were still tired from day 1 and it felt like the climbs never stopped.  Drafting also helped a lot.  It’s more fun to ride with friends.

After completing the 2-day ride, we were then set to complete the 3-day, 500-km Giro D’ Luca on May 4-6, 2018 in Bohol.  Fingers crossed!


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