Autumn in South Korea – Busan (Day 2)

The next day, we took two trains from Nampo to Haeundae station (1 transfer, 52 minutes).

If you will be travelling a lot by train, I suggest that you download the Subway app.  It’s really useful and easy to use.  It’s available for Android and iOS.

Integrated Route Map for Busan’s Train Stations.  Haeundae is linked to Line 2 (green line).

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach in Haeundae-gu is located at the southeast end of the city of Busan. Haeundae beach is 40 minutes away from Busan’s main railroad station (in the Downtown area), and less than one hour from Gimhae International Airport. Along the 12 km of coastline is Busan’s most popular beach, and with Seogwipo’s, it is one of the most famous beaches in South Korea. Because of its easy access from downtown Busan, the beach is busy year round with several kinds of beach festivals. Most visitors are domestic. (Wikipedia)

When we arrived at Haeundae, we had our breakfast at this eatery.  Authentic Korean cuisine.
This reminded me of our carenderia in the Philippines.
Kimbab (KRW 5,000) and Fishcakes (KRW 4,000)
Haeundae Beach. The sky was gloomy.
The other side of the beach.
The beach was really clean–no trash, no seaweeds.
Kids started to arrive.
There were a lot of Doves and Albatrosses(?) in the area. When I saw these kids feeding them, I went closer so I could take pictures.
Fly birds, fly!
Where’s Joan?
With the school girls ;-)
With the school girls 😉
We’re crazy. Just ignore us.
As we walked back to the station, I saw this old man feeding his companions.
I was having my picture taken with the standee when this dog suddenly came out of the restaurant to greet me. lol

We took a train to Jangsan (10 minutes from Haeundae). Right across Jangsan Metro Exit 3 is Puppy Cafe. Outside, you’ll see a pet store. Just go inside and take the stairs. 

The Pet Shop
This kitten was too cute to ignore.
When we arrived at the cafe, these dogs welcomed us.  They were sweet and playful.
With the entrance fee of KRW 8,000, you’ll get a free drink, bread and pastries. You can pet the dogs and play with them too.
This needed a refill! 😀
All smiles 🙂

We went back to Jangsan Metro station and took a train to Shinsegae Centum City (15-minute ride).

Shinsegae Centum City Department Store is the largest shopping complex in the world according to Guinness.  When we got out of the station, the store was just a few steps away.

Inside the department store.
This store has 14 floors.
1401167_10152031807401101_1993632662_o (1)
At the Shinsegae Ice Rink. KRW 10,000 for two hours. Extra charges apply if you go over 2 hours. They provided us with lockers where we could leave our things. You must bring your own socks and gloves. Otherwise, they won’t allow you to get in.
We were all goofy on ice.

When SM City Cebu still had an ice skating rink, my father used to bring me there and taught me how to skate.  It has been years since my last time.  I was 4 or 5 years old then.  At Shinsegae Ice Rink, it felt like starting from scratch again.  I miss you Papa.  😦

Afterwards, we went on separate ways to shop.  After an hour, we met and took two trains to Nampo Station  (1 transfer, 46 minutes) and walked to Gwangbok-dong Culture & Fashion St.

They don’t call it “Cultural and Fashion” street for nothing. This street has different shops which sells affordable to expensive fashionable items as well as folk crafts and electronic devices.

We had dinner at a Korean restaurant.  Koreans are fond of adding a lot of vegetables to their dishes.  Honestly, I’m very picky when it comes to eating vegetables but I really appreciated Korean food.  I liked the way they cooked their vegetables.  

It was time to rest and we walked to our hotel.  

P.S.  The photos were taken using a camera phone and digital camera.  Credits to Lhynx Lim, Joan Villahermosa and Raynier Go for some of the photos that were used for this blog. :)

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