Team Big Ring’s Annual Invitational Bike Camp 2015

I’ve never heard of a “bike camp” until we met Chyrel Gomez from Team Big Ring who invited us to join their Annual Invitational Bike Camp when we were in San Remigio for the Cross Country MTB Challenge.  I’m not really into camping and the thought of sleeping in the middle of nowhere doesn’t entice me but what the heck, count me in!

Please check Chyrel’s blog post:  Everything you need to know about Team Big Ring’s Annual Invitational Bike Camp.


Khu, King and I met the TBR members and guests at Jollibee beside JY Square Mall.  Someone from TBR took my photo when I arrived.  My backpack and tent were heavy by the way.  Good thing TBR had a multicab where we could leave our stuff in.  Photo credit: TBR
It was nice to see you Gab!  I hope you could join us next time.
With the TBR members and guests. Photo credit: TBR
Bike Camp Orientation. Photo credit: TBR

Day 1:  JY-Velpal Subdivision-Minglanilla-Campo 7-Sinsin-Cantipla-Taptap-Mabini-Camp Site (Compostela)

Photo credit: TBR
Photo credit: TBR
Photo credit: TBR
The stopover before the long climb.
Khu a.k.a Jolanda Neff 😛
It suddenly rained hard while we were going uphill.
Taking cover.
Stopped for brunch near Campo 7.  I was already out of breath during our first long climb.
There was no other way but UP.  Photo credit: TBR
Someone still had so much energy. LOL
Photo credit: TBR
Taho, anyone? Photo credit: TBR
What I love about mountain biking? The breathtaking views!


Photo credit: TBR
Photo credit: TBR
Photo credit: TBR
Photo credit: TBR
It was very steep and we were also too tired to pedal. LOL Photo credit: TBR
While some still had the energy. Photo credit: TBR
Photo credit: TBR
We finally made it to the camp site!  Photo credit: TBR
Photo credit: TBR
Day 1. The duration includes our stops and breaks.

When we arrived at the camp, the first thing we wanted to do was to take a bath.  There were no working bathrooms so we took a bath at a nearby well.  Khu and I setup our tent and fell asleep.  Unfortunately, we missed dinner and the Kulafu Night.  I guess we were just too tired and sleepy.  Thank God for Efficascent Oil. 😛

Day 2:  Camp Site – Mabini – Paril – Dapdap – Licos – Manlayag Compostela – Liloan Back Roads

This was where some of us had setup our tents/hammocks/sleeping bags.  When we woke up, there was a swarm of bees/wasps in the area and we got stung. I was even stung twice.
Good Morning boys!
Remnants of the Kulafu Night.
Khu and I woke up very early to scout for food. (Dah ngano natulog dayon! Haha!) The team prepared breakfast. 🙂
Before we had our breakfast, we dared ourselves to cross this hanging bridge which was about 350 ft. above the ground. For someone who is scared of heights, it is already an achievement for me to make it to the other side of the bridge! LOL Photo credit: TBR
The last photo before we left the Camp Site. Since Khu had an event to attend to, we joined some of the members and guests who went home earlier. We biked our way home through a different route. Photo credit: TBR
Goodbye Pretty Mountains.
From the Camp Site to SOS Children’s Village in Talamban, Cebu City.  Duration includes the stops.

When I saw the route for day 1 and day 2 on the poster, I had no idea where those places were.  I had already expected uphills but I never expected that it would be about 80%-90% of the ride.  Spell CRAMPS. 😛  It was fun and educational at the same time.  We were able to go to new places, meet new people who share the same passion towards biking and they shared tips on how to be better at it.  One is by getting rid of our “P.E. Shoes” and by upgrading to biking shoes with cleats.  My running shoes got hurt when he heard it.  I also realized what my strengths and weaknesses are in biking.  I heard someone say “Ayaw lang mo katagam” (Don’t be discouraged/Don’t give-up) before we left the camp.  The experience won’t stop me from joining again.  I will definitely work on improving myself hopefully with my new biking shoes with cleats.

Thank you Chyrel for inviting us and also to the rest of Team Big Ring for being very accommodating.  You guys are the best. 😊

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